Marketing Plan

My marketing plan aims to strategically position myself as a dynamic, influential, and socially responsible Miss America’s Teen. By focusing on my core areas of health, entrepreneurship, and diversity, I will effectively leverage my role to make a significant impact while resonating with a wide audience.


Welcome to a transformative year with me, Hanley, as Miss America’s Teen 2024. My mission extends beyond the crown – it’s about empowering youth, promoting heart health, championing diversity, and making real, positive changes. In the coming year, I am thrilled to join forces with the American Heart Association and other esteemed partners, including Rebel Athletics for their vital Rebel Against Bullying program. Together, we’re taking a stand against bullying, fostering environments of kindness and respect.

But that’s not all. I’m also passionate about nurturing young minds through my ‘Passion To Profit: Empowering Young Entrepreneurs‘ Community Service Initiative. This program is close to my heart, and I will be touring schools across the country to teach my ‘5 Steps to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur.’ It’s about igniting the innovative spirit in our youth and guiding them to turn their passions into profitable ventures.

Taking the Lead

To amplify the reach and impact of the Miss America’s Teen program, I plan to collaborate with all state-level titleholders in various ways:

Joint Educational Workshops

Team up with state titleholders to co-host workshops on entrepreneurship and anti-bullying in schools across their states.

Social Media Collaborations

Engage in coordinated social media campaigns with state titleholders, where they share their local initiatives and success stories related to our collective goals.

Community Health Events

Organize joint community events focusing on heart health and wellness, leveraging the network and influence of state titleholders to maximize local engagement and impact.

Strategic Actions

A Year of Empowerment and Wellness, Fueled by Monthly Themes

Each month’s theme will be supported by engaging content, interactive challenges, and community health events.

February - Heart Health

Directly supports AHA’s primary mission of improving cardiovascular health and raising awareness about heart disease.

March - Healthy Eating

Encourages a heart-healthy diet, which is a cornerstone of the AHA’s guidelines for reducing cardiovascular risk.

April - Mindfulness

Aligns with AHA’s focus on holistic well-being, including stress reduction which impacts heart health.

May - Meditation

Supports mental health and stress management, important for overall cardiovascular health as recognized by the AHA.

June - Join a Sport

Promotes physical activity, a key recommendation of the AHA for maintaining heart health.

July - Gratitude Diary

Encourages a positive mindset, which can contribute to better heart health through stress reduction.

August - Drink More Water

Hydration is essential for cardiovascular health, a principle supported by the AHA.

September - Walk or Bike Somewhere New

Encourages physical activity and exploration, in line with the AHA’s recommendations for an active lifestyle.

October - No Eating Out Days

Supports healthy eating habits by reducing consumption of often unhealthy restaurant foods, in line with AHA’s dietary guidelines.

November - Goal Sharing Sessions

Fosters community support and accountability, important for maintaining lifestyle changes advocated by the AHA.

December - Celebrate Your Successes

Recognizes personal health achievements, encouraging continued commitment to heart-healthy practices endorsed by the AHA.

I am leading the way, empowering young people to build real-world skills. North Carolina’s motto is “to be rather than to seem,” and my year will be impacted by being the ambassador who “is, rather than seems.” I am entrusting teens to find their passion and turn it into an educational or monetary gain. This will create a butterfly effect, impacting many areas of our well-being.

Be Part of the Change

Your involvement is vital. Follow my journey, participate in monthly challenges, and share your stories of growth and health. Together, we can create a ripple effect of positive change. Stay updated, stay inspired, and let’s make 2024 a year of meaningful impact!

Every step you take with me on this journey contributes to a healthier, more empowered community. Let’s make a difference, together!

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